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Minggu, Juni 21

Bunga Mawar Segar Untuk Pengantin

Kode Produk : BHB - 04

Harga : Rp 450,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :

  • Isi bunga : 30 tangkai bunga mawar pink semi lokal Bandung hanya dengan efek kehijauan dedaunan serta bunga statice ungu. 
  • Termasuk kartu ucapan. 
Nama Produk Rangkaian :Buket bunga pengantin.
Keterangan Ongkos Kirim Coverage :
Free : 10km

This bouquet of roses is the most found at every wedding. A beautiful flower arrangement for weddings mostly use these flowers. These roses indeed look beautiful when they stand alone so that when these flowers are combined with other types of flowers would make the radiant beauty that is owned by a bridal bouquet that it has looks more real stunning. The prettiness of this flower that many brides choose as their hand bouquet of fresh roses.

Because it is true that its beauty that is brought and arranged nicely from these flowers can make the aura of the bride look elegant and bright when the wedding reception show takes place. It has been proven that most women look very beautiful when holding these fresh and beautiful roses arrangement that are brought in their hands.

And because of the popularity of these rose bouquets, it is a plus for brides that it is easy for them to decide to become partner as their hand bouquets. You can see a range of hand bouquets of roses that we have made through our website.
Because these roses are very often used as the main choice, so we make a series of bridal hand bouquets of roses from the best selection type of fresh roses. Because the quality of existing flower arrangements is well available.

Besides that, this beautiful fresh rose bouquet is often used as a bridal bouquet, so the flower would be and must be well prepared because it would be the center of attention when it comes to weddings.

Even the flower shop as Rusty Florist Jakarta always produces the best for our customers. We don't want to ruin your happy day. We already have a beautiful flower arrangement completed with a touch of creativity from a reliable hand maker.