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Jumat, Februari 8

Standing Flower Condolences SFDC 05

Kode Produk : SFDC - 05
Harga : Rp 650,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :
  • Standing Krans ucapan condolences.
  • ukuran tinggi max. 1,5m.
  • Bunga mawar semi, chrysanthemum. 
  • Termasuk styrofoam dan pita untuk ucapan. 
Nama Produk :  Standing flower / krans
Keterangan Ongkos Kirim Coverage :
Free : 10km

Send flowers to the deceased can be delivered by a variety of flower arrangement, can be a standing flower in various forms [heart shape love heart shaped, circle and or cross], or more even can be flower boards to table vases.

Tips in sending flower arrangement for mourning times are:
  • Choose flowers that has ability in terms of longevity to display, adapting  it into account how long the deceased's body would be stay in a room in the house of mourning.
  • Choose flowers that has strong fragrance in purpose in creating refreshing by the flowers' aroma.
  • Choose flower carefully by paying attention to its color. And if the time in the mourning room took quite long [more than 3 days]; you should choose colors that are better not in white themes, preferably by combining white flowers with other colors, perhaps with yellow or orange. Or even by coordinating with the administrators in the mourning room, to remove the part of the petals that if it looks wilted - so that the appearance is still good.
  • Choose the correct ones of flower arrangement based on your priority, in considering if  you would want to put it inside the room of the griefs. If you want to be placed inside the room or even the closest to the range area of the room, then choose such as a table vase, standing flower or flower krans. If you want to be seen extensively to go surround and creating looks to environment, you should choose flower board  - which will increasingly give effect to the broader meaning of therapeutic beauty in the environment in good thinking to the general public because of its laying usually outside of the mourning room area. special area of ​​flower board and so on.