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Selasa, Oktober 30

Bunga Meja Sedap Malam Kode Produk VBSM 02

Product Code : VBSM - 02

Price : Rp 730,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :
  • Tuberose table vase flower arrangement.
  • Contains : Tuberose with white peacock daisies flower.
  • Inclusive greeting card.
  • White ceramic vase.
Product Keyword Name :   Tuberose flower arrangement.
Delivery Charge Coverage :
Free : 10km

The savory table vase of tuberose flower arrangement is one of the beautiful fresh flowers that lasts long enough to last. The series of tuberose flowers into a vase bucket flowers is an attractive display for purposes such as in for office desk ornaments, for wedding dining table flower decoration and other formal events such as stage flower mini garden decorations.

In addition to tuberose flowers into a perfect flower arrangement looks performance by combining them by adding other types of flowers such as roses, lily, gerbera herbras, baby breath, orchids, chrysanthemums and other flowers that you can see in the photos on this product that are strung with beautiful white daisies peacock flowers.

So that tuberose sp. flower arrangements can perform more optimal maximum by increasing efforts the beauty of other types of flowers in its table vase flower arrangement. And more complete a special greeting gift means that can be sent into a beautiful stunning as greeting flower gifts.

Our tuberose flower arrangements are always designed with the latest models so that they can be delivered to complementary utterances or as a complement to the beauty for ones event room held which is enhanced by the placement of tuberose flower vases with other types of flowers that match their beauty with a refreshing effect looks.