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Senin, Juni 1

Roses Bridal Hand Bouquet

Kode Produk : BHB - 02
Harga : Rp 580,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :

  • Isi bunga : bunga mawar pink dan ungu semi lokal Bandung hanya dengan efek kehijauan dedaunan serta bunga baby breath putih. 
  • Termasuk kartu ucapan. 
  • Menggunakan cone.
Nama Produk Rangkaian :  Roses bridal hand bouquet.
Keterangan Ongkos Kirim Coverage :
Free : 10km

Many ways we can do to make a wedding ceremony more memorable. Starting from small things like choosing the right flower arrangements that will be used as the wedding reception decoration and other details such as a bouquet that will be brought by the bride.

A bouquet of flowers becomes something special for a bride because it would enhance the beauty and elegance of a bride performance, this one flower bouquet will also be used in the tradition of throwing flowers ( mingled times ).
There are some people who deliberately want to make their own bouquet of flowers so that the wedding ceremony is even more special. No need to make a bouquet of flowers that are too complicated, something simple actually often looks more beautiful than something that is too forced.

Moreover, the basic idea of a wedding ceremony itself is sacred and also simplicity. So what do we need before starting the process of arranging a bouquet of flowers?
There are several elements that we must provide before starting the process of stringing the bouquet, including the ribbon that will be used to wrap the flower and the stem, some flower stems that can be used to support the fragile stem, and also the bouquet cloth if necessary. Because it's called a bouquet of flowers, we have to make a bridal hand bouquet that is easy to hold and not as big as possible in her hand. This type of bouquet is also endeavored to fit the model of her wedding gowns and it will also be better if they complement each other.