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Rabu, Mei 6

Love Romantic Sayings Flower Board

Kode Produk : BPUC - 01
Harga : Rp 1,650,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :
  • Bunga papan ucapan cinta bentuk 2 hati.
  • Isi bunga : bunga aneka warna cantik dari standar gerbera, krisan dan aster dengan kehijauan dedaunan tanaman hias.
  • Bidang ucapan papan : 1,7 x 2 meter. Maksimal tinggi tampilan + 2,5 meter.
  • Termasuk kartu ucapan. 
  • Bidang ucapan warna merah, full suyok.
Nama Produk Rangkaian :  Karangan bunga papan ( flower board ).
Keterangan Ongkos Kirim Coverage :
Free : 10km

One more that is coming from Florist Rusty Jakarta  for those of you who want to 'shoot' a boyfriend to be a girlfriend or vice versa - as partner forever, who all bounce their voices to express what is a saying the most beautiful thing through a flower board of love sayings.

One of the advantages in sending a statement of love - 'shoot a boyfriend/girlfriend' through a wreath of boards, yes the point is a serious statement that is expressed clearly and boldly that can be seen by the community around the recipient of your love statement.

This is one thing that proves a seriousness of you to s/he who wants to be taken as yours seriously. Noted, his/her words must be beautiful and full of meaning: like the example photo model that is embedded in the pages of our site.

Indeed, there are many styles of fresh ornamental flower arrangements in conveying the feelings and thoughts of seriousness to convey the sacred words. Most are table flowers and hand bouquets. Well, it is OK to show something different from the ordinary and as in plain sight to express such beautiful things. Let the whole world know, if the sender is serious who shows the promise in front of the public who certainly knows the figure of the recipient and the sender of the flower gift s/he sent and got of course.

Another thing is a certain beauty, when the flower board displays in front of him/her who is categorized as being entitled to get the seriousness of your love expression. And who as the recipient of a gift of love greeting flowers should be proud. That it is one of the characteristics of braveness and seriousness of the sender in expressing this matter by paying attention to the points mentioned above.

Well, don't hesitate to send the flower board arrangement to say " I'm in Love " event in purpose to be your partner's boyfriend/girlfriend forever. The making and shipping can be done through online flower shops, such as Florist Rusty Jakarta.
As usual reason, for example model that is embedded in here: require advance order - because the making is quite complicated and for those who need consultation on the creation of others sophisticated love signboard flowers - please chat us here to get ready the preparation, the making and its delivery.

Greetings from Florist Bunga Cinta,