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Selasa, Oktober 8

Bunga Papan Perkawinan Kode Produk PBSP 011

Kode Produk : PBSP - 011

Harga : Rp 1,000,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :
  • Ukuran media papan : 1,7 x 2 meter, ukuran tampilan + 2,5 meter.
  • Isi bunga : standar krisan, aster. gerbera segar.
  • Termasuk kartu ucapan. 
Nama Produk Rangkaian : Flower board happy wedding greetings.
Keterangan Ongkos Kirim Coverage :
Free : 10km

A happy wedding greeting flower board for a happy new life in a marriage wishes, can represent your company directly at a festive wedding party organized by extended family, relatives or business partners. The recipient of the flowers will certainly be very happy and respect those of you, who have tried to send this big, bold and beautiful flower arrangement.

We, Rusty Florist Jakarta : can produce wedding flower boards to DKI Jakarta area and send them according promptly to the order and  per- delivery schedule. This congratulatory flower arrangement takes about 3 to 5 hours to complete and makes it beautiful in full arrangement and not yet included in the process of sending it; in order to be used as a matter of concern for consumers in regards of  same day delivery for the flower boards category in particular.

The color design that is mostly done by the craftsmen of this flower board, flowery-themed party goers along with the theme of congratulatory good wishes, including marital happy congratulations - those chosen are bright colors of red, yellow, orange, green, purple and blue; with the suitability of the colorful flower chosen in support of the cheerful bright colors of the media board itself; which will express the happiness of the fiesta of a happy wedding party.

Flowers that are placed in a bouquet of boards are a combination of fresh flowers and artificial flowers [of which there are not too many in involving artificial flower ] - which are pinned in order to support the brightness of the flower colors for the overall suitability design to make it more beautiful and bold especially when the dark night comes out.