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Senin, Mei 13

Aneka Bunga Meja Krisan Segar Indah

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A page of Rusty West Jakarta flower shop online, which contains a variety choices for consumers who would like to buy beautiful fresh bouquets which are gala of various daisies chrysanthemums, which are beautifully arranged in rattan baskets and ceramic vases.

Chrysanthemum daisies are popular flowers in Indonesia, that Rusty Florist do not forget  in giving choices of flower composition arrangements, where these flowers that is still one family to be made as an option in sending greeting flower gifts.

Chrysanthemum flowers are identical to the flower of death grief. However, this can be explained because the flower has a strength that is quite durable and lasts for days even though it is in the form of fresh cut flowers, so this flower has historically been used in various death processions which in fact are housed in funeral homes for days that is why this flower is said to be called the flower of mourning death.

In these photos of a table flower products, it is shown that chrysanthemums and daisies are a family with hortensia (hydrangea) flowers from Japan, where chrysanthemums are said to be from Japan, China, and North Korea: that means they are one family ... What is beautiful that is, the various attractive colors that saying to celebrate the blending of family in happiness.

The beautiful flowers arranged to be placed on the table are intended to beautify the room itself, just as we send a greeting with the intention of seeing further the beauty of the meaning we want to convey both in the flowers that we send plus the intention will be explained through the words in the contents in the card that clearly conveyed to be read by the recipient of the flower gifts.

Well, don't hesitate to celebrate beautiful happiness with a row of gala chrysanthemum flowers and daisies in a rattan basket, ceramic vases or in glass vases where it is styled beautifully elegant and in refreshing looks.