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Selasa, Desember 31

Aneka Bouquet Bunga Matahari





The price offered of sunflower hand bouquets is included with shipping costs in within range of 10 km from the location of Rusty West Jakarta, our flower shop online location.

Sunflower hand bouquet symbolizes attention cares and honor suitable for giving to mature people. In addition, it signifies high purity and conviction, and reflects energy that spreads the light so that it gives encouragement when we visit other people. In addition, this flower is also suitable when someone wants to express love and surprise for the idol of the heart.

These sunflower hand bouquets are often sent to someone to be used as a symbol of the sender's heart, because the language of flowers is the language of beauty, by giving hand bouquet it means that we give beauty to someone when at special certain moments, such as; Valentines Day, wedding anniversary, engagement day, Mother's Day, and other special moments to be as flower gifts for the people that closest to us.

This series of hand bouquet of sunflowers is strung together with fresh flower arrangements that are beautiful and have artistic value in their making. Consisting of beautiful fresh flowers combined with beautiful colors of the flower itself. As a sweetener, the appearance of this bouquet is complemented with sweeteners such as ribbons or other ornaments accessories and do not forget to be accompanied by a greeting card. Another common type of bouquet is a table vase arrangements that we can give as a substitute for a hand bouquet.