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Jumat, Februari 8

Krans Bundar Duka Cita SKLDC 07

Kode Produk : SKLDC - 07
Harga : Rp 1,120,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :
  • Standing Krans ucapan Rest In Peace [ Turut Berduka Cita ]
  • ukuran tinggi max. 1, 5 m.
  • Bunga krisan, mawar, lily putih.
  • Termasuk pita dan styrofoam untuk ucapan.
Nama Produk : Standing krans bentuk bundar.
Keterangan Ongkos Kirim Coverage :
Free : 10km

One of the choices in sending a condolence for the deceased might be common to the flower board and other choice in to convey it through the arrangement of standing flowers  as in the round shaped that called as krans, garland or wreath.

Various choices of flowers can be used for as a thematic theme for the consumers in area of delivering assorted flowers arrangement generally, and one of them is by involving white flowers on a circle garland which are chosen by consumers buyers mostly.

The interest of color nuances themes regard to idealism in sending sympathy sayings of deepest loss condolence - mostly would fall on the choice of white flowers regardless of what kind of  flower. that been used in an arrangement.

Furthering enhancement the appearance of a decorative flower arrangement in making it more beautiful for special delivery of condolences wreath, there are many encouragement elements in styling fashioning the accents such as ribbons, cloth, and even indicating a form of bigger set up of a greeting card that uses specific colors on its board.

So, please consult your customization orders if there is a special request to your  trusted online flower shop  in ordering garland for condolences.