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Jumat, Februari 8

Krans Bundar Condolences SKLDC 06

Kode Produk : SKLDC - 06
Harga : Rp 1,275,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :
  • Standing Krans bunga ucapan duka cita
  • Ukuran tinggi max. 1,5m.
  • Bunga krisan, mawar Bandung, anggrek dendrobium putih dan lily.
  • Termasuk pita dan styrofoam ucapan
Nama Produk : Standing krans bentuk lingkaran modifikasi kreatif.
Keterangan Ongkos Kirim Coverage :
Free : 10km

Standing flower or krans for condolence greeting in circle shaped is one form of 3 general creations that are in the category of standing flowers identifying spesific for condolence,  the next opt is the cross and the heart shape - the love heart shaped.

The flower arrangement condolences greeting refer to  circle shaped [garland - in other  name is]; increasingly scattered with creativity creations that increasingly support its beauty appearance and beautifying the area of the one whose in mourning time because the death.

Choices of various types of flowers along with varied colors further benefiting the lovers who loves sending flower bouquet gifts according to the the consumers' needs and desires that are tailored to ethics that are on the subject in the context of what the flower arrangement is sent; whether for condolences flowers  or for happy congratulations greetings.

So, do not hesitate to consult the desires of your needs for the florist that you choose in providing the best solution in terms to meet these suitability needs.