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Selasa, Oktober 8

Bunga Papan Happy Wedding Kode Produk PBSP 09

Kode Produk : PBSP - 09

Harga : Rp 750,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :
  • Ukuran media papan = 1,5 x 2 meter, total tampilan : + 2,3 meter
  • Tulisan ucapan Happy Wedding dengan styrofoam.
  • Termasuk kartu ucapan. 
Nama Produk Rangkaian :  Bunga papan ucapan selamat pernikahan.
Keterangan Ongkos Kirim Coverage :
Free : 10km

Delivery of greeting flowers for weddings can be chosen by sending beautiful floral arrangements of various sizes according to the wishes of the buyers; in measuring the overall aesthetic value of the display so that more totalily in its appearance will be enlivened as a sponsor of a wedding reception event held by a happy couple. 

This flower board arrangements will help the totality of the wedding reception decoration itself, which can be seen from the location of its placement from the area near the parking lots along to the driveway; as if the rows of flower decorations describing a beautiful and festive wedding party. 

Various creative creations also appear, both in terms of the color of the flower board, the decoration of fresh ornamental flowers, to the creations of the makers of flower boards that are not just boxes with written greetings on it; which is now widely present in a variety of formations from heart love shaped, to circle wraeth shapes that further add to the beauty of a flower board decoration for this wedding festival. And not infrequently also, by displaying various motifs as a frame laced which displays the formation of batik motifs also appear in giving a unique characteristic in the world of flower board itself. 

In fact, the demand for the presence of certain flowers in a floral board design is also increasing. Such as the demand for the presence of sunflowers, dahlias, douglas orchids, gerbera flowers, gladiola, tuberose, special red to rose anthurium, roses in animate the totality of fresh cutting flower themselves in the area of ​​this happy wedding greetings in flower board arrangements.