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Jumat, Februari 8

Standing Duka Cita SFDC 08

Kode Produk : SFDC - 08
Harga : Rp 860,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Deskripsi Produk :
  • Standing Krans bunga turut berduka cita.
  • Ukuran tinggi max. 1,5m.
  • Bunga mawar semi, sedap malam, krisan dan lily putih.
  • Termasuk styrofoam dan pita untuk ucapan. 
Nama Produk :  Standing krans bunga.
Keterangan Ongkos Kirim Coverage :
Free : 10km

The standing flower of   with the commonly mentioned by "krans" is one of the sub part of standing flower arrangement that we know which specifically identifies by it purpose for condolence for the deceased: where the person who died was one of the honorably figure who in his/her environment.

This kranz is one of the form of standing flowers which is designed formally with the rules ethic of compiling a series of decorative assorted flower plants which are the same technique in other arrangements such as vase flower arrangement.

Design thinking  basically for condolences flowers is refer to the selection of the types of flowers that have resilience [in terms of time affairs, where the death person might be display in days of mourning].

The other thing is to pay attention to the flower fragrance that we previously mentioned in other articles in our site. Then is to think of the color of the flowers, which if there is exist a code ethics in terms of sending a variety of condolences flowers in the words of the deepest sympathy. But at the end, for the choice of the flower color themes, we leave it to the consumers again.