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Jumat, November 23

Sun Flower Bouquet Product Code HBSF 02

Product Code : HBSF - 02

Price : Rp 310,000
Delivery Charge : 0

Product Description :
  • Sun flower hand bouquet.
  • Contains : sun flower with greeny leaves and baby breath.
  • Inclusive greeting card.
Product Name Keyword  :   Sun flower hand bouquet.
Delivery Service Charge Coverage  Range:
Free : 10km

Many of these bouquets of sunflowers are searched by many people in the form of plant flowers and cutting flowers, these sunflowers for the DKI Jakarta area are hard to find because these plants grow a lot in high area areas and at quite cold temperatures. Sunflowers in Latin as  Helianthus annuus L, this plant is an annual plant of the popular family of Asteraceae.

Hand bouquet flowers for various congratulations greetings are recommended as a means of message to the recipient of the flower arrangements. This flower is a very typical character unique plant that has a very large yellow and crowned, this flower is often called as compounded or can be said to be a flower that comes from a collection of hundreds of thousands who are in one hump.

Many people know the behavior of sunflowers is very unique because this flower is always facing the sun light and this flower is a national flower of one of the nations in the world is the country of Ukraine.

The series of sunflowers in the form of a hand bouquet is very beautiful when arranged to say your blessings congratulations and success. Many flower shops use these sunflowers as a flower to decorate events as flower decorations because these sunflowers have a very large size and have very distinctive colors so that the interior design of the event room looks beautiful and bright with its presence especially when combined with other flowers.

These sunflowers are not only used for bouquet flowers, but many sunflowers are used for table vase flower arrangements, standing flowers and flower boards that can be requested at our flower shop online - the Rusty's.